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Partnership | PainSolve

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At Grünenthal, we work closely with a number of partners to ensure that we are able to deliver the innovative pain solutions that our patients need. Working together, we want to share and build on our own expertise to remain at the forefront and keep pushing forward the worldwide fight against pain.

We use our resources and expertise to get access to funds for collaborative cutting-edge pain research and translate this to improved, real-world outcomes.

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We work with the world’s biggest public-private partnership organisation in the life sciences as co-leaders of the latest pain initiative.

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The genetics of pain; helping to identify new treatments for patients.

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Latest Updates

Chronic Low Back Pain (cLBP): What are we Talking About?

Learn more about the confusing myriad of anatomical and genetic factors that can lead to cLBP

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Psychosocial Factors in Profiling IBS Patients

Read our article on how relevant the neuro-visceral axis is for the expression of symptoms from which visceral pain conditions, like IBS, can originate.

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Listening to the patient – Surveys to accurately assess disease impact

View our article on the importance of and difficulties in accurately measuring and assessing the patient experience of pain for understanding disease impact, making treatment decisions, and facilitating optimal outcomes.

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Psychophysiological Profiling of Visceral Pain

View Prof. Qasim Aziz's (Barts and the London, United Kingdom) PainSolve webinar, titled ‘Psychophysiological Profiling of Visceral Pain’.

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