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Webinars | PainSolve


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We are always looking for new ways to connect with those at the forefront of pain research and, as members of PainSolve, you represent the leading experts at the cutting edge of pain research breakthroughs and medical practitioners with extensive experience working directly with patients. We want to connect with you, exchange knowledge and work together towards pain solutions.

We host interactive webinars several times a year, led by experts in the pain field, in order to disseminate knowledge and invite discussion and debate. The date and time of webinars will be announced in advance and all members of PainSolve will have the chance to register and participate. All webinars are recorded and made available online, so if you do miss any, you will still be able to access these.

Upcoming webinars

We look forward to sharing news of the next PainSolve webinar with you in the coming months. Check back here for more details soon.

Past webinars

Webinar 1: Neurobiology of the placebo effect, hosted by Prof. Ulrike Bingel on 12 December 2018

We are delighted to have had Prof. Ulrike Bingel (University Hospital Essen, Germany) host our inaugural PainSolve webinar on the 12 December 2018, titled, ‘Psychological and Neurobiological Mechanisms of Placebo and Nocebo Responses.’ Prof. Bingel presented pivotal studies that have moulded today’s understanding of the neurobiology and clinical relevance of the placebo and nocebo effects, with a focus on placebo analgesia. Our attendees also had the opportunity to engage in discussion with Prof. Bingel, who was able to share her view on topics that interested attendees the most.

... Click here to view a recording and summary article

Webinar 2: Optimising Analgesic Treatment Outcomes with Placebo, hosted by Prof. Ulrike Bingel on 18 February 2019

Following her successful first webinar, on 18 February 2019 we welcomed Prof. Ulrike Bingel for the next webinar in her placebo series, titled 'Optimising Analgesic Treatment Outcomes: Lessons Learned from Placebo and Nocebo Research'. In this fascinating webinar, Prof. Bingel presented high-impact studies that highlight the importance of taking placebo and nocebo effects into consideration in all facets of the treatment process. As with her first webinar, Prof. Bingel led an interesting discussion on the topic following her presentation.

... Click here to view a recording and summary article

Webinar 3: Psychophysiological Profiling of Visceral Pain, hosted by Prof. Qasim Aziz on 11 March 2019

On 11 March 2019, we were pleased to welcome Prof. Qasim Aziz (Barts and The London) to host his first PainSolve webinar, titled 'Psychophysiological Profiling of Visceral Pain'. Prof. Aziz presented data from his own team's research supporting the multidimensional nature of pain perception, before describing what some of the contributing factors are in more detail.

... Click here to view a recording and summary article

Webinar 4: The Many Challenges of Small Fibre Neuropathy, hosted by Dr Páll Karlsson on 10 April 2019

On 10 April 2019, we were pleased to welcome Dr Páll Karlsson (Assistant Professor, Aarhus University) to present a webinar, titled ‘The Many Challenges of Small Fibre Neuropathy’. The webinar expanded on the ideas that Dr Karlsson discussed in his recently published article on the PainSolve website about what makes small fibre neuropathy difficult to diagnose.

... Click here to view a recording and summary article

Webinar 5: The Role of Placebo and Nocebo Effects in Clinical Trials, hosted by Prof. Ulrike Bingel on 13 June 2019

Following the success of her previous two webinars, we were delighted to welcome back Prof. Ulrike Bingel to present the third webinar in her Placebo Effect series, titled 'The Role of Placebo and Nocebo Effects in Clinical Trials'. 
Check back here soon to view a recording and read a summary article of the webinar.

Latest Updates

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The Many Challenges of Small Fibre Neuropathy

View Dr Páll Karlsson's (Danish Pain Research Centre) PainSolve webinar, titled ‘The Many Challenges of Small Fibre Neuropathy’.

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