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May 2019 

PainSolve Editorial Team

Psychological and work-related outcomes after inpatient multidisciplinary rehabilitation of chronic low back pain: a prospective randomised controlled trial 

Hampel P, et al. BMC Psychol. 2019 Feb 15;7(1):6

In this paper, Hampel et al highlight the importance of a multi-model approach to treat complex patients with chronic pain, using the example of chronic low back pain. Two groups were cluster-block randomised into a control group (CG) (288 patients), who received only pain competence training, and an intervention group (IG) (295 patients), who received depression prevention training in addition to pain competence training.

Hampel et al found that, as well as clear psychological benefits, there is also direct implications on work productivity for the IG over the CG; only the IG achieved long-term improvements in the work ability index, a test of both physical and mental work ability, and had reduced pain-related days of sick leave. The report therefore supports the implementation of a combined cognitive-behavioural management training model, that can have positive implications for chronic pain patients along with their societies.

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