The Future of Pain Research

Transforming research insights
into pain solutions

We care deeply about the future of pain research and are committed to creating real change for people suffering from chronic pain.

Our vision is to create the most innovative research pipeline for pain through patient-inspired R&D.

Changing the way pain is treated

The future of pain treatment will:

Shift from the current target‑to‑disease paradigm

Be built around an integrated approach - researching pain from genetics to clinical endpoints

At Grünenthal, we aspire to establish clear, novel project starting points with confirmed disease-to-target links in the short- to mid-term (2020–2030).

We look forward to embracing the next era of pain treatment, through collaboration, to find solutions for pain.

Leaders in Pain Research

We want to re-define the field of pain, creating specialised treatments through patient-inspired R&D.

Our Approach

We understand pain is not just a symptom but also an entire condition in itself that requires specialised treatment.

Our History

We have invested heavily in R&D to produce an extensive portfolio of pain treatments.

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