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Publication Library | PainSolve

Publication Library

Pain Publication Library

We are committed to developing understanding in the field of pain. Here, we have compiled publications that have been developed alongside pain experts which aim to enhance the understanding of pain diseases and their treatment options. We have grouped these publications according to the receptor/molecule of interest and listed them below. You can view the paper abstracts by clicking on the publication titles. If you would like to read more, you can click beneath the paper of interest to send an email requesting the full paper.

Latest Updates

Omics Approach to Identify Pain Pathways

Read our article about the steps we have taken to generate an integrated disease pathway map for pain which contains the major pathophysiological components.

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Psychosocial Factors in Profiling IBS Patients

Read our article on how relevant the neuro-visceral axis is for the expression of symptoms from which visceral pain conditions, like IBS, can originate.

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Patient Focus Groups as a Strategy to Engage with Patients

Read our article which introduces patient focus group methodology, its role in pain research, and provides advice on planning and running a patient focus group.

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The Many Challenges of Small Fibre Neuropathy

View Dr Páll Karlsson's (Danish Pain Research Centre) PainSolve webinar, titled ‘The Many Challenges of Small Fibre Neuropathy’.

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