Patient Engagement

Listening to the patient voice in R&D

Patient engagement is an essential aspect in developing treatments that meet the real needs of patients and in delivering additional insights to help focus clinical efforts in R&D. Encouraging patient involvement in clinical trials can aid in selecting and retaining study participants, shape the design of a trial, and challenge traditional best practices, leading to innovation and patient empowerment.

Listening to the patient voice by engaging with patients early in the R&D process has been a priority at Grünenthal for a number of years and we are committed to putting patients at the centre of the conversation.

Our vision is to have patients involved in every step of the R&D process:

Identify targets

We focus on prioritised disease and identify targets from human disease understanding.

Linking target to disease

We collaborate with the human disease tissue network and utilise our proprietary PainSpectrum in our approach of linking target to disease.

The right endpoints for patients and payors

We identify and develop the right endpoints, both for patients enrolled in clinical trials and to satisfy regulatory authorities. Click here to learn more about patient reported outcomes.

Developing trial concepts

We work directly with patients to input on protocols and consent forms, and to gather advice on designing feasible trials with enhanced recruitment rates.

Note that processes for direct patient engagement may differ across countries according to local regulations.

Our Approach

We understand pain is not just a symptom but also an entire condition in itself that requires specialised treatment.

Our History

We have invested heavily in R&D to produce an extensive portfolio of pain treatments.

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