Pain Innovation Unit

Solving pain through innovation

Grünenthal are committed to transforming lives through cutting edge science.

We are building on our core expertise in pain through the Pain Innovation Unit, an initiative that aims to deliver solutions through patient-inspired R&D, adding high value to patients and Grünenthal.

“In our Pain Innovation Unit we are proud of our aspiration to solve pain. We believe a collaborative approach is essential, and want to work with researchers, clinicians and patients to better understand pain as a disease and enable the development of more effective treatments.”

John Bothmer

Head of Translational Science & Intelligence, Grünenthal Innovation – Pain

The Pain Innovation Unit consists of four sections:

Disease Understanding

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NCE Research

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External Innovation

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Leaders in Pain Research

We want to re-define the field of pain, creating specialised treatments through patient-inspired R&D.

Our History

We have invested heavily in R&D to produce an extensive portfolio of pain treatments.

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