Leaders in Pain

Re-defining pain through
patient-inspired R&D

Pain is a huge burden on society, impacting not only patients but their families, friends and colleagues. There has been limited success in discovering new treatments for pain. Many conditions have no standard of care and, in cases where they do exist, they have limited efficacy.

We want to change this.

We want to re-define the field of pain, creating
specialised treatments through patient-inspired R&D.

Better understand the disease state to identify new targets

Develop treatments with both symptomatic and disease-modifying potential

Improve our understanding of the link between inflammation and pain

Target significant unmet needs within niche disease areas

Broaden our research reach through partnerships and collaborations

Investigate small molecule approaches and explore opportunities for biologics

We will achieve our goals by bringing together patient
experience, payors’ needs and innovation networks.

Our Approach

We understand pain is not just a symptom but also an entire condition in itself that requires specialised treatment.

Our History

We have invested heavily in R&D to produce an extensive portfolio of pain treatments.

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