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Pain Pathways | PainSolve

Pain Pathways

Functional Omics Approach to Identify Overlapping and Unique Pain Pathways

In order to elucidate disease understanding and the underlying pathophysiologies of pain, we have generated an integrated disease pathway map utilising a functional omics approach. Compiling data from genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics and miRNA publications, we built a database of gene–disease associations and regulations in disease tissue and then conducted subsequent pathway analysis using gene set enrichment analysis. The resulting pain pathway map can be accessed online and allows for an integrated view of the overlapping and unique pathways for eight pain indications. Work with us in further finetuning the pathways and to broaden the scope with additional indications.

If you have any questions regarding this pain pathways map, or if you would like to see more details and are interested in collaborating with us to analyse your own data set, please contact:


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We have invested heavily in R&D to produce an extensive portfolio of pain treatments.

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