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We aim to deliver major therapeutic advances by treating patients with a high burden of disease, offering clear benefits for patients and sound health economics for society. Our exciting R&D pipeline includes several new drug candidates and technologies to improve patients’ lives.

At Grünenthal, there is close collaboration between all stakeholders involved in research, and each is equally important. Our networked approach to R&D means that we can interlink and supplement our own expertise with external knowledge, leading to improved outcomes.

Fueling our pipeline with innovation

Latest Updates

Targeting TRPV

Transient receptor potential (TRP) ion channels are involved in nociception and play roles in several types of pain, including inflammatory pain, neuropathic pain and visceral pain. Pharmacological modulation of TRP channels may provide an alternative to opioid- or NSAID-based pain treatments. Here we review developments in this promising approach to pain management.

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Placebo Effect and Pain - Part 2

In the second instalment of this 2-part article, we consider how researchers designing clinical trials for pain management can adapt their trial methodologies to take account of the placebo response. Various options to reduce the likelihood of ‘false negative’ trial outcomes when investigating novel options for chronic pain are proposed.

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Re-defining pain through patient-inspired R&D

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