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Bisphosphonates Case Study

Our Research into
Niche Pain Conditions

Bisphosphonates Case Study

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS): an orphan disease associated with chronic, extreme, debilitating pain



Neridronate is an amino-bisphosphonate with structural similarities to alendronate and pamidronate. Its use in CRPS is based on the broad effects of bisphosphonates and the multiple targets involved in the complex disease.

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The Team

Our neridronate team is dedicated to patient-centred research into niche pain conditions:

  • Clinical Lead: Bernd Lange
  • Project Lead: Katrin Fleischer
  • Translational Lead: Achim Kless

Latest Updates

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Placebo Effect and Pain - Part 2

In the second instalment of this 2-part article, we consider how researchers designing clinical trials for pain management can adapt their trial methodologies to take account of the placebo response. Various options to reduce the likelihood of ‘false negative’ trial outcomes when investigating novel options for chronic pain are proposed.

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