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Bisphosphonates Case Study

Our Research into
Niche Pain Conditions

Bisphosphonates Case Study

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS): an orphan disease associated with chronic, extreme, debilitating pain



Neridronate is an amino-bisphosphonate with structural similarities to alendronate and pamidronate. Its use in CRPS is based on the broad effects of bisphosphonates and the multiple targets involved in the complex disease.

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The Team

Our neridronate team is dedicated to the patient-centered development of this compound for the niche indication CRPS.

The team consists of several expert functions with compelling insights across a number of areas, including:

  • Pre-clinical development
  • Clinical development
  • Pharmaceutical development
  • Regulatory affairs

The team is represented by Dr Achim Kless, who leads the CRPS disease team.

Latest Updates

Convergences in PP

Convergences in Pelvi-Perineal Pain is a society that aims to promote knowledge about chronic perineal pain. Over the 2-day programme of this society’s 2018 Congress in Brussels, there were many insightful talks by some of the top researchers and clinicians in this field, an overview of these are discussed in this article.

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Chronic overlapping pain conditions

In this article by Christin Veasley, Co-Founder & Director of Chronic Pain Research Alliance, the emergence, symptoms, mechanisms and unmet needs of chronic overlapping pain conditions is discussed. Christin hopes to increase the awareness of the issues around chronic pain conditions in America.

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Re-defining pain through patient-inspired R&D

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Exploring the genome for novel pain targets

There exists significant unmet need for treatments that are targeted to the many underlying mechanisms that cause pain to arise. The genetic study of pain has already revealed some promising targets and it is hoped that research will translate into the development of targeted drugs and the advent of precision medicine in pain. This article summarises current approaches to the genetic study of pain and highlights Grünenthal’s ongoing research in this area.

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Intractable and refractory pain

The lack of a clear and consistent definition for chronic neuropathic intractable or refractory pain is one of the main barriers to effective management of these conditions. In this article we have looked into the current thinking of what constitutes ‘refractory’ or ‘intractable’ pain, and the implications that the subtle differences between these words have on the management of these patients.

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