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PainSolve: we aspire to solve pain

Gabriel Baertschi Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Grünenthal Group

Gabriel Baertschi, Chairman of the Corporate Executive Board, Chief Executive Officer

“Welcome to PainSolve, our platform for connecting pain experts around the globe to discuss open research questions and recent findings to improve the lives of patients in need. Pain is not a symptom: It’s a disease in its own right and needs to be addressed with innovative treatments. At Grünenthal, we can look back on decades of experience in pain management. We now want to join forces with you to make a genuine difference in the life of patients affected by pain.”

Gabriel Baertschi

Chairman of the Corporate Executive Board, Chief Executive Officer

Why we care.

Chronic pain is a burden suffered by millions worldwide.
Its effects are complex and far-reaching, leaving patients and their families often without effective therapy – feeling helpless.

PainSolve is a research community for all those interested in tackling the burden of chronic pain.
It is a resource and platform for pain research; together, we want to better understand pain and work towards better pain solutions.

We are openly sharing our extensive knowledge in several areas of pain.
This includes our interactive body map of almost 100 pain conditions.

Registration and more features, including a downloadable pain module library and case studies in niche pain conditions, coming soon

Placebo Effect and Pain - Part 1

The placebo effect has become a focus in pain research. Here we consider how biological responses in the body and brain can occur in response to a placebo and how these responses can influence trial outcomes in pain.

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Psychological Therapy in Pain

Pain is now recognised as a biopsychosocial phenomenon with far-ranging effects on biological, psychological and emotional processes. Here we explore different forms of psychological therapy that can be used as part of the multidisciplinary management of chronic pain.

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